Refund for HangFire.Pro

I purchased the $500 HangFire.Pro license as a means to try batching functionality. I decided that my use case did not need the enhanced functionality and I attempted to request a refund. I contacted,, as well as a DM on Twitter to Sergey Odinokov requesting a refund. It has been several days without response. I continue to get email rejections from all of the email accounts.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I am being ghosted?

The website is very clear that a no-questions-asked refund is how trials are handled and my situation applies.

I would recommend not purchasing Pro until the refund policy is followed through.

Hi Sean,

Unfortunately we did not receive any email from you, and I’m really sorry about this. I will check our spam folders and try to find those emails. You or someone else who’s reading this post can contact me directly by using personal email odinserj at gmail if there are any problems with other email addresses.

I’ve already issued a refund for you, please expect your money to be returned in 3-5 days.

Thank you for the quick response to this posting and resolution to my issue!

Oh and now I see your question on Twitter :frowning_face: Previously we faced with such a problem only once during the last 5 years (but they contacted me using the personal address), but some weeks ago I was already thinking about changing the mail servers we are using – I didn’t find your emails in any folder.

You did the right thing writing here! Since we are collecting payments from FastSpring, on future issues everybody can use their site directly by visiting to initiate a refund process if there are no responses from us (but this is the first case I know).

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Sorry for this – I truly understand how bad it is to feel ghosted :frowning_face: