Introducing Hangfire Pro

Hello everybody. A week ago I shipped the new version of an official site (still without a logo :smile:) and today I wrote a blog post about the changes. Here is a brief:

I want to keep Hangfire project as free as possible, but eliminate the most dangerous risk – the absence of time. There are many things to be done, including problems, new features, documentation, and I want to do them in a reasonable time.

Today, I’m introducing a new stage of Hangfire development – Hangfire Pro. It is a set of paid libraries that extend basic Hangfire functionality (now called Hangfire Core) by providing features to improve performance and simplifying maintenance of background job processing in larger applications…

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Are continuations like a NServiceBus saga?

It would be cool to be able to define your own state machine, and have hangfire progress you through the states!

Conceptually, continuations are just other background jobs that are being created on success or failure. I haven’t use NServiceBus sagas – it is too hard for me :smiley: