Redis timeouts break Hangfire

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Because of the amount of jobs we process we have had some timeouts with our Redis server.
But when that happens while Hangfire tries to update the state of a job, the job somehow remains in the retry queue even when it expires.
The error I see:
“Failed to change state to a ‘Failed’ one due to an exception after 10 retry attempts”

The jobs that stay in the Retries queue cannot be deleted or requeued.


Probably because of the above problem I can no longer open the processing jobs page. It generates an Exception:


@system Do you have any idea how to proceed with this? It’s a big problem that keeps growing and I can’t open the processing jobs page, which blocks our workflow.

Marc Selman - EasyAds

So there is a bug in the Hangfire.Pro.Redis package but it seems to go unnoticed…