Redis ResolveDns setting

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Does Hangfire.Pro.Redis use the ResolveDns configuration option?
I ask this because we recently ran into a situation where our aws redis went offline for scheduled updates, and our Hangfire lost the connection. This lead to a couple of ours of exceptions in our logs (see below), until we restarted our app (hosted in aws k8s). My assumption is that the update changed the ip, and somewhere never re-resolved the host, but i cannot tell whether the issue lies in HF, or in our k8s environment.

Execution BackgroundServerProcess is still in the Failed state for 03:58:33.1487448 due to an exception, will be retried no more than in 00:00:15

Hangfire.Pro.Redis.RedisStorageException: Connection to Redis isn't available yet, reconnect is in progress: It was not possible to connect to the redis server(s); Connection refused <ipddr>:6379. Configured endpoints:
   at Hangfire.Pro.Redis.RedisStorage.GetMultiplexer()
   at Hangfire.Pro.Redis.RedisStorage.GetDatabase()
   at Hangfire.Pro.Redis.RedisConnection.TryGetServerTime(DateTime& now, String& reason)
   at Hangfire.Pro.Redis.RedisConnection.AnnounceServer(String serverId, ServerContext context)
   at Hangfire.Server.BackgroundServerProcess.CreateServer(BackgroundServerContext context)
   at Hangfire.Server.BackgroundServerProcess.Execute(Guid executionId, BackgroundExecution execution, CancellationToken stoppingToken, CancellationToken stoppedToken, CancellationToken shutdownToken)
   at Hangfire.Server.BackgroundProcessingServer.RunServer(Guid executionId, Object state)
   at Hangfire.Processing.BackgroundExecution.Run(Action`2 callback, Object state)