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RecurringJob automatic run after deploy

hi everybody

I meet a serious question in my production when using hangfire.
It happens ocasionally,but touble me a lot.
i am using hangfire with .net core 2.1
After deploy my hangfire job, all of my recurring job started automatic that over my expection.
so is there anyone meet touble like this?

I am not able resolve this touble,Please help
Thanks in advance.

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Not sure but could it be that a job is being processed during deploy? In that case the job will be picked up and re-processed during startup. Is it a long-running job? I’m assuming that you’re not deploying the same time it’s working?

I have the same problem, jobs are starting after deploy without waiting for its time. I delete all the jobs and add the new ones in startup, but without any reason it starts the jobs! I have to solve this, some jobs are sending emails to people, I don’t want to send emails after every deploy.

Any solution to this?

I got over the same issue when updating the CRON. Any update about this bug?