RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate parameter

If I run the code below, does today get evaluated when I set up the recurring job? Or does it get evaluated when I the job executes?

RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate(“My Job”, () => job.RunTask(DateTime.Today), “0 2 * * *”, TimeZoneInfo.Local);

If I set up the recurrence today. Do all the jobs get a “7/16/2020” date or does today get 7/16, tomorrow 7/17, the next day 7/18, etc.


I assume you mean this the parameter for your method? I would assume () => job.RunTask(DateTime.Today) is creating a method that will run DateTime.Today each time.

But this seems like the wrong place to ask and even so it would be a lot easier to just test it rather than ask here. :sweat: