Recurring tasks - last day of a given month ('L') not supported

Hi all,

I tried to create a recurring job with the following Cron expression:

46 10 * * 5L

I got the following error:

'5L' is not a valid [DayOfWeek] crontab field expression.

The supported structure should be [mins hours days months day_of_week]. But according to this error ‘5L’ is not permitted.

According to

“‘L’ stands for “last”. When used in the day-of-week field, it allows you to specify constructs such as “the last Friday” (“5L”) of a given month”

Are there any work-around’s for this? Is there any intention to support this feature in the next release?

Many Thanks

I had the same problem with #, Hangfire use NCrontab, that’s not support for # or L,

Is there any way to solve it?