Using Cron Expression for Recurring Job

I try to use such Cron Expression: “0 0 */6 ? * MON-FRI”
it is valid expression that we used earlier in Quartz. also shows that it is valid.

but I get exception when I try create RecurrentJob with this expression:
[CrontabException: ‘0 0 */6 ? * MON-FRI’ is not a valid crontab expression. It must contain at least 5 components of a schedule (in the sequence of minutes, hours, days, months, days of week).]

Please could someone help me.

Thank you

Was getting the Same error on all valid Expressions from CronMaker.

I guess Hangfire uses Crontab according to this thread.
Cron expression for Recurring jobs and it worked for me.

Experts might shed more light.

I understood, thank you.
I changed my crom expression to “0 */6 * * 1-5” - and it works fine