Recurring job with a delay of 1 min


I want to create a recurring job with a 1 min delay. I know there is an option to have delayed jobs, but that is one time.

I want to have a recurring job that runs every 10min and always wait for 1 minute before starting the next job run.

Can anyone help on this one on how to configure this one.


Hangfire Documentation has an example to create a recuring job.
The “0 12 * */2” is actually the period of repetition, in Cron format. For “run this job every minute” use “*/1 * * * *” as the parameter.


Thanks for the reply. But my question was how could I add a delay of a minute after every 10 min of recurring job


Hello again,

Let me see if i understand, you want you job to run at 00:10, and then again at 00:11 and 00:12? Or do you want it to trigger every 10 minutes but wait 1 minute before triggering another job? Or instead you wish for the first one to trigger at 00:10, and add one minute after every 10? thus triggering at 00:21, 00:32, so on?

If you want to create a job with “variable time”, i’m not sure if you can do that on the same job, since the recurring job is only created once and cron seems to be always constant on job created, but you can mess with the intervals and created/triggered times to make multiple jobs that will have delays from each other