Question about running dashboard with multiple schemas

I am have a dashboard that is running for 4 different schemas in the same database. 1 schema for separate applications that have their own different jobs. I am able to get the dashboard to show things correctly, but I am not able to trigger jobs in the UI. I have found a bunch of different recommendations for how to do this and none of them work, maybe because I am on 1.7.0.

I have tried to call AddHangfireServer one time for each of the schemas that are being accessed. This appears to have no affect. The only thing that I have found that allows to trigger jobs from a single schema is the AddHangfire call.

I tried to add multiple calls to “services.AddHangfire(option => option.UseSqlServerStorage”, but it is only configured to the last registered storage. Looking at the code on GitHub, it looks like repeated calls to UseHangfireServer should work since it adds to a list of servers each time.
I am at a loss here, any help would be appreciated.

The solution that works is here: Dashboard monitoring multiple databases

This is a possible feature for HangFire to support.