One dashboard and one db with multiple applications - Job meta

Hi there and thanks for an awesome library. It’s very enjoyable to work with!

Our configuration
One database (one set of Hangfire tables)
One Hangfire dashboard instance
Multiple applications, which has it’s own Queues and Server taking care of the queues.
The applications does not have access to each other.
Technically this seems to work just fine. The jobs triggers and runs just as expected.

The Dashboard does not have access to the different applications and vice versa. This means that the Dashboard can’t figure out the Method names and other “meta” that is nice to have in the dashboard.
Is it somewhat possible to decorate our background jobs with additional meta data (attributes) that the dashboard can leverage?
To get around the “Can not find the target method.” and possible other meta that the dashboard uses.

Kind regards,

Hi Ollie,

Did you get this to work? I having the same issue and I am looking for the same thing.


Hi, i have experienced this issue and maybe this can help