Prevent Dashboard Server from Processing Jobs

Right now, I have a single server set up for Hangfire. The problem that I’m having is that when jobs are running, the dashboard is pretty non-responsive - because the jobs are consuming CPU cycles (I’m assuming). So - I want to offload the dashboard to my ASP.NET app.

I’ve looked at the docs here ( - and can easily accomplish this.

However, looking at the docs, there is nothing apparent that would prevent my ASP.NET application from processing jobs. I do not want it to process jobs at all - it simply needs to display the dashboard. Is there any documentation on how to set up a app to only handle the dashboard?

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Kyle, it’s rather simple. If you only want the app to run the dashboard, don’t include the call to UseHangfireServer(). Then, just create another app that makes the call. As long as it points to the same backend db, you’ll see it under Servers in the dashboard app.

It’s something I do right now. I just run the dashboard on it’s own, and have several windows services that are connected. Just don’t enable the dashboard in those.

Holy Moly - I totally missed that line when I was looking at my code at 4 AM this morning.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help.

Gonna go hide back in my corner now.