Owin not firing in second service

So,. I have a service that uses SignalR… that has an Owin Startup class that works.
This service calls a second service which is where HangFire resides.
I added the Owin startup class to the second service, but can’t get it to fire off… thus HangFire doesn’t work.

This is my first HF project so it may be something stupid, but I’m stuck.
Hosting in IIS. Have Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb installed
Apparently, you can’t debug into a Startup, but I put console writes and they don’t get hit in the second Startup.
I was getting Friendly name conflicts so gave the individual startups their own names.
e.g., attribute [assembly: OwinStartupAttribute(“SecondStarupt”,…

I have created a simple service that used HF as a test and I had no trouble with that…