Optimizing HangFire Configuration for Large-scale Scheduling in .NET Core API

Hello everyone,

I’d like to initiate a discussion on optimizing HangFire Scheduler configuration for handling large-scale scheduling tasks in a .NET Core API environment. Our users depend on client applications to send over 100 scheduling job requests daily per user to our web API. Some of these tasks can be time-consuming, such as checking server availability, sending data, and marking servers as assigned. These tasks run in an infinite loop with a polling interval of 15 seconds until all servers are assigned.

We have been using Quartz for scheduling, but due to issues with jobs not firing as expected, we have decided to switch to HangFire Scheduler. We need guidance on the optimal configuration for our .NET Core API to ensure smooth execution of all scheduled jobs.

Our API server configuration includes:

  • CPU: 8 cores
  • RAM: 64GB

We would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experiences and insights on using HangFire Scheduler to manage large-scale scheduling and resource management in a .NET Core API. What configuration settings have you found effective in handling similar scenarios? Are there any tips or best practices you can share?

Thank you in advance for your valuable input. We eagerly await your thoughts and suggestions.