Can I use Hangfire Open plan or Subscription to schedule 100+ jobs or even more?

I am developing a “Web-API” using “.Netcore 2.2” and “Entity Framework Core 2.2”. At the end my API would be hosted on “Azure App Service”. I have functionality where my API should be able to read all the users from the database and schedule push notifications to them at a specific time set by each user.

For the above requirement I am planning to use Handfire. I believe Hangfire works well with [.Netcore 2.2, Entity framework Core 2.2 and Azure App Service].

So, my question is can I use Hangfire “Open plan” which is completely free version, to schedule notifications to 100+ or may be 200+ users in a day or as per the scheduled time of the user? I caun’t go with other subscriptions of Hangfire at the moment.

Please advice.