Need help for the user interface (UI) and email body

Hi Forum,
I am a newbie to Hangfire. I am using visual studio 2013 and Hangfire 1.7.0 beta.
I have SPA where I need to send an email on the below-mentioned interface either monthly or yearly basis.

and another in yearly.

I need to post the form into web API and email body will be stored into my own table.

Question 1: Could it be possible to store into Hangfire table the email body and the cron expression.

Could you please help us how we can implement both email body along with cron expression to recurring the email on specific time as per cron.

Please guide me with the approach by which we can implement the same. I am not using any injection. Simple web API 2.1, since the application will be used inside the internal network.

Thanks in advance.