Mutex missing from dashboard

We’re successfully using a Semaphore and a Mutex.

The Mutex is set to delete additional jobs with the same ID and it behaves as it should. A single job runs and any others are deleted.

Semaphores also appear to behave as they should. No more than the allowed count will run at a time.

If I view the dashboard throttling tab, the Semaphore is listed and I can monitor it. But the dashboard indicates that there are no Mutexes.

Have I configured something incorrectly?

That’s by design – mutexes are highly dynamic and can be created depending on actual arguments of a background job. So they have a transient lifecycle and removed instantly after release to avoid storage leaks.

Semaphores have additional data, such as MaxCount so they have a manual lifecycle.

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OK @odinserj - thank you for such a quick reply!!