Multiple queues. Not displaying in Hangfire dashboard

Good afternoon,

We’re attempting to get multiple queues working with HangFire in our ASP.NET Boilerplate application. The problem we’re trying to solve is that we are doing some RTF conversion with a third-party library that utilizes GDI which isn’t allowed in Azure Web Apps. Our intention is to write a small Windows Service, run that on a VM, and have Hangfire send the background jobs that need conversion to a different queue.

The issue we’re running into is that we can’t seem to get a second queue to actually work.

We are attempting to follow the pattern detailed here:

When we launch the app we don’t see the queue in the dashboard, nor do calls into the queue seem to process.

We’re decorating the class we want to process like this:

public class ConvertHtmlToRtf : BackgroundJob<ConvertHtmlToRtfArgs>, ITransientDependency
{ ... }

And our Startup.cs class:

List<string> queueNames = new List<string>();
if (IsTrue(AppSettings.Hangfire.DefaultQueueEnabled))
    logger.InfoFormat("{0} queue is enabled", NSConsts.DefaultQueueName);
if (IsTrue(AppSettings.Hangfire.RtfConversionQueueEnabled))
    logger.InfoFormat("{0} queue is enabled", NSConsts.RtfConversionQueueName);

app.UseHangfireServer(new BackgroundJobServerOptions
    Queues = queueNames.ToArray()

We’ve also added MultipleActiveResultSets=False to our connection string becuase otherwise the application would throw SQL errors on startup.

So, the “default” queue is still working, the “rtfconversionqueue” is not showing on the dashboard, and nothing that uses that class processes. What are we doing incorrectly here? I feel like we’re missing something simple here. I appreciate any help you can give.