Log4Slack use within Hangfire

I Currently have Hangfire set up for monitoring application services but would like to set up the logger use Log4Slack. I wasn’t sure if anyone else has had similar approaches to extend Hangfire in this manner. I tried to attempt to log Failures by using “Job Filters” but ran into an issue with the following line:

private static readonly Ilog Logger = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger();

within the Example provided for working with Job Filters
and do not know exactly why I cannot resolve symbol “GetCurrentClassLoger()” after adding and configuring the package via nuget for a ASP.NET MVC Application.

(Side Note: is there another way to have information that is shown within the Dashboard UI sent/pipelined to a WebApi Controller?)

Have you trying to implement custom log provider as shown here?

I did attempt creating a custom logger and found the textBufferLoger in the sample to work just fine. However I found that the method call used in the examples private static readonly Ilog Logger = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger(); particularly LogManager. GetCurrentClassLoger() within WebGrease seems to be deprecated and results with an error within Intillesene that this Method is not known.
The Solution was to use LogProvider to gain Access to “GetCurrentClassLogger()”

`I did accomplish using WebApiControllers and also connection for Log4Slack. I plan on creating a sample project to demonstrate this. Would it possible for you to add itto Samples for Hangfire? If not I can post a walk-though with a link to the project via github.

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It is interesting to me, where did you find information about LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger (old log manager)?

I will be glad to see the first topic under tutorial category on this forum regarding to WebApiControllers + Log4Slack! This will be really nice! :heart: