Jobs that throw "Can not find the target method." are not considered as having failed. Why?

We have a recurring task, and in our staging environment uploaded a version that no longer has the target method. The exception “Can not find the target method” was thrown by hangfire, but…the job was considered a success. We would expect it to be a failure. It can’t properly process the recurring task because the underlying library no longer contains the method to successfully process it.

Is this by design? a bug? We’re curious. Thanks.

I have a recurring job with 1 minute interval between runs. For the first time (there was the needed method), it was performed successfully, and the Next Execution time was updated as well as Last Execution info. Then I removed the method and waited for the next run, and my console shown me the following exception:

When I looked at the Dashboard, it displayed that it can’t find the method, and Next Execution time as well as Last Execution info were looking fine.

Do you have other results, can you show them?