Jobs in database but staying put in Enueue status

UPDATE : 20/09/2016 11:28 AM (AEST)

OK, just got it running on the external server. It would seem the custom queue’s I had added was not configured properly. The code for the queue’s that I had was

` var options = new BackgroundJobServerOptions
Queues = new { “mailqueue”, “defaultqueue” }

And in the method (which is in an different project other than the web), the calling method was decorated as follows

[Queue("emailqueue")] [DisplayName("Sending {0} Email to {2}")] public static void SendEmail(string subject, string body, string to) { }

See the problem, just a single word, :slight_smile: I corrected the queue names and things are firing away in hangfire land

I just finished deploying hangfire on one of my projects. All is well except that the jobs are not getting triggered. For some reason the Enqueue call from the code is inserting the job details into the database but it does not seem to be running the job. In this case, I am using Hangfire to send emails. Here’s a screenshot of what the dashboar looks like

The same code works on my local machine.