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Enqueue job makes it to Job table, but never the JobQueue and never fires

I am using a very simple call to queue up a job. I can see the job in the Job table, without an expiration. It never fires. I have changed it to at timed delay, waited and it never fires.
In the code below, the “reservation” is a simple POCO and the 0 is a flag.

 BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => QueueCheckin(reservation, 0));

Are you queuing other jobs? Are other jobs processing? Are you configuring Hangfire server to actually process the jobs?

I am late coming into this project and from what I can see, Hangfire is set up well enough to work as the “RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate()” calls working on a 2am schedule appear to be running as their Job record in the table shows “Succeeded” The Jobs I am trying to launch show “Scheduled” for a day, then they show “Failed” I have one from yesterday priot to posting this question that is still in the “Scheduled” state. One from the day before is “Failed.”

Do you have any Queue filters setup? For example, this is my setup for a Windows service I want to only handle certain jobs:

host = new BackgroundJobServer(new BackgroundJobServerOptions
    Queues = new[] { QueueNames.EMAIL, QueueNames.MAINTENANCE }

QueueNames is just a static class with constant strings defined.

With these options, this service only processes background jobs that have matching [Queue("something here")] annotations.

So I discovered that the BackgroundJobServer(options) was commented out. I have reenabled it, annotated the background jobs and now all of the scheduled jobs that were running now sit in “queued” state forever. Digging now for where those jobs are set up.