Is there support for a '1 job at a time' queue?


I am building a reconciliation system that imports transactions from a variety of sources daily, and also periodically reconciles and archives the transactions (also daily).

I need to process all the transaction imports and the daily reconcilliation run as if they are a simple queue (1 job at a time with no overlap or concurrency).

Besides cludging this by creating a single server farm with only 1 worker, is there not an elegant way to implement this seemingly simple and obvious use case? I would have thought this could be configured at the queue definition level, but it does not seem to be the case?

OK I’ve looked at the docs and it seems one can accomplish this with a simple mutex applied to all the jobs needing to be processed single file. I would just need to upgrade to Hangfire Ace.

Is this correct or is there a simpler way to do this?

Thank you! I really really rely on and enjoy Hangfire.

Mark Derman