Balancing requests from multiple clients

Hi There,

I have clients submitting long running processes (5 to 40 minutes long)

These processes can easily be broken into smaller chunks.

If client 1 submits a 40 minute long process and after it has started, client 2 submits a shorter process I want client 1 and client 2 to have their jobs processed simultaneously. I don’t want client 2 to have to wait for client 1.

I know how to achieve this by building my own solution on top of a queuing framework but I would prefer to use a more standard solution if possible with the chance of commercial support for my client in the case that I am unavailable.

Is this a scenario that could be supported in hangfire?

I’m new to Hangfire, but from the docs on queues it seems to me you could use multiple queues, such as “priority” and “default” in their example. This way you can queue jobs you know to be short on the priority queue. Another option to consider is adding multiple workers to process your jobs.