Ignore if no storage on startup

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Hi, how can I disable Hangfire (cancel or ignore services.AddHangfire(...) and services.AddHangfireServer(...)) if storage connection (to Redis in this case) cannot be established on startup of a .NET Core web app.

At the moment, it throws an error: InvalidOperationException: JobStorage.Current property value has not been initialized. You must set it before using Hangfire Client or Server API., if Redis was unavailable or down for any reason.

So, adding abortConnect=false to Redis connection string doesn’t raise an error on startup if Redis is unavailable, but a subsequent call to RecurringJob.AddOrUpdate throws an error: RedisConnectionException: No connection is available to service this operation.

Any way to avoid this to retry Redis connection in the background, and add jobs only once when connected?

Unless I’m not understanding the severity of the problem, this sounds as simple as if(redis.isHealthy()) {AddHangfireServer()}