How to Fix : 42601: syntax error at or near "value" When Try To Access Hangfire Dashboard

I Use Hangfire With Postgresql Storage in .net-6.0 and install this package : Hangfire.PostgreSql version 1.9.10

This is My Code In Program.cs :

var builder = WebApplication.CreateBuilder(args);

builder.Services.AddHangfire(config => config.UsePostgreSqlStorage(builder.Configuration.GetConnectionString("HangfireConnection")));

var app = builder.Build();


This is My Connection string in webconfig :

    "ConnectionStrings": {
    "HangfireConnection": ";Port=***;Database=Hangfire;Username=***;Password=***"

Build Database Correctly!, But When Type Dashboard URL(http://localhost/hangfire) , Return This Error:

{“data”:null,“status”:-1,“message”:“42601: syntax error at or near “value”\r\n\r\nPOSITION: 59”,“statusCode”:“500”}

But When Change Connection String to SQL Server and change Package To Hangfire.SqlServer , It’s Correct!