High MySQL CPU usage with Hangfire in .NET Core

I am testing a .net core application on a VPS and whenever Hangfire is enabled, the CPU usage is 120% even when idle. Without hangfire enabled, its just around 5% at idle condition. I am not even using any queing but just using it as a cron task scheduler to run some tasks every few hours. Most of the CPU is used up by mysqld process. I tried changing the Polling duration to 5 minutes and even reduced the number of workers to just 2 but same. Is this normal behavior with Hangfire? As I mentioned, I don’t even queue tasks but just schedule a few simple tasks to run every few hours, but the CPU usage seems to be astoundingly high even for that. What are some suggestions to fix this behavior?


I’ve also recently started noticing high CPU while idling. Not sure when it started for me.

I have similar issue which brings me here. Our .net mvc application hosted on azure app service is experiencing high usage of memory and CPU with multiple times application crashing.

We have recently implemented Hangfire to enqueue job when user submits a record. None of the jobs have failed or retried but this is making our site slow in loading. It is on default settings.