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Hangfire cause high> 75% CPU utilization in Postgresql cluster

Hey team
I’m using hangfire to fire and forgot jobs that need to run in background
We have around 2.5 M to 3 M request per day.
hangfire is running on a service that has 12 max replica so it has 12 instance server we have now 5 workers per server.
When we faced the high CPU utilization at the first time we reduced the workers per server from 10 to 5
But when I checked what queries exactly was case the CPU utilization it was not the read queries, but was the
Commit, insert into jobparamaters , insert into job
As shown in the screen shot
So my question here is, how could I reduce the write per sec to the database?

We are using hangfire 1.7

Did you manage to solve this? I have a similar issue - massive spike in IOPS after upgrading to .net 6 with Hangfire 1.7