Hangfire with Sqlite Storage executing multiple instances of recurring jobs

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I am using SQLite as storage for Hangfire with default worker count of 20. I have a recurring job scheduled to run every 30 mins. Every 30 mins the job get executed but the recurring job triggered multiple times. When I set the worker count = 1 it gets executed once. I would like to use multiple worker counts but does not want to trigger multiple instances of same job. Any suggestions how can I fix this ?


I’m seeing the same thing on a simple SQLite+ASP.NET Core 3 Hangfire project.

I’m using Hangfire.SQLite 1.4.2 (https://www.nuget.org/packages/Hangfire.SQLite/ & https://github.com/wanlitao/HangfireExtension).

There are others and I may switch to see if that helps…what SQLite storage package are you using?


I had the same issue when I was using that package. After I swapped to https://github.com/raisedapp/Hangfire.Storage.SQLite it stopped happening to me.