Hangfire Job starts multiple times

I have a job that I created to test out the Hangfire for my production site.
A simple code that does take a list of VSO instances. Does some processing to generate reports and generated a mail to send to the admins of VSO.

As a simple POC i did add the call to the method but dont know why but the job always runs 20 times.
Each time there are no error but it just restarts. I tried having Invisibility Timeout, Disabling retries but still no luck.

And to mys surprise all of them are having same Id. See below. Can you please suggest a resolution. I would live to have this POC completed so that i can persuade the people to use this on production

Note: All the Tasks in my Job are Threaded and Parallel.

Note: I am using SQLite as Data Source


Yes, same thing with me. Using SQLite too. Any fix for this?

Note: Is a issue in SQLite version. I tested in Hangfire.SqlServer with same code, same project just changed connectionstring and works.