HangFire vs Quarz.NET

I have an enterprise project . and for some parts I need to do some stuff with schedule libraries.

Can anybody make a comparison between Hang Fire and Quartz.NET ? pros and cons

Quartz.NET has more features to deal with recurring jobs: better CRON format support (including seconds and ‘L’ modificator), more powerful triggers, calendars, etc. It is better when you have very complex scheduling logic.

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While odinserj mentions some pros of Quartz.NET, i would like to point out pros of Hangfire, as i see it

  • Simpler to install and use
  • Written in .Net from scratch, while Quartz.NET is a port from Java. This means a better api and usage of .Net structures.
    • I especially like how HangFire serializes method-calls and arguments into a expression tree when scheduling a code-call.

Thanks for your responses
And something which I didn’t like about Quartz.NET was about IJob interface which should be implemented Execute method on it to run a Job . but hangFire can accept any method

HI all,

Is it possible to implement “holiday calendar” functionality, similar to quartz, using job filters?

Basically, I’d like to be able to specify a list of dates, and ensure that jobs won’t be processed on any of those dates. And I would like this to work for recurring jobs.

You’re better off asking your question in a new thread.

Hangfire has UI which is great.
Better dependency injection support which makes installation much easier also configuration.
More DB support.

Let’s say it like this, Quartz has more features as a “Job Manager” but hangfire is much more extensible and simple.

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what do you mean about more powerful triggers, calendars or when use this ??