CRUD interface for Hangfire

I’ve been searching for a CRUD GUI for Hangfire and have not found one yet. (Or maybe I’m just missing where the buttons are?)

Before I code one myself, please holler if you know of one. I’m writing mine in MVC 5 using Entity Framework database first.


If you’re talking about a pre-built UI to add jobs for Hangfire to process, I don’t think there is one.

None of the applications I have built that utilize HF are standard. A couple windows services, .Net Winforms and Webforms apps and even a command line utility fired from Windows Task Scheduler. While a couple of the projects with visual elements do have a button that can add a job, rarely is it direct. Meaning code decides if a job is to be added or not. Not even the programming language used is standard with some in C#, VB.Net and a couple scripting languages.

I would think that a standard UI would be difficult to envisage!

Hangfire already contains UI elements to stop, delete, reschedule and monitor jobs that have been added. But the add process could be anything.

Hope this is helpful.

I started working on my MVC 5 Entity Framework project this morning to maintain Hangfire.

Basically, I only had to maintain the Hash and Set tables. Unfortunately, the two tables are not related (as in parent/child relationship). Also the metadata for calling your Recurring Jobs is convoluted in the Hash.[Value] column.

Nonetheless, using UDF’s and Views, I was able to present my Recurring Jobs in useful format as shown below. The parameters in the screenshot below are used for this function:
public static void ExecuteReports(string reportPath, string ftpFolder, string clientName, string arg)

With all these trouble, I just hope Hangfire is as reliable as everyone claims to be or my neck is on the line. :frowning:

Anybody interested in more details, please holler. Thanks!