How to create multiple jobs in Hangfire dynamically using MVC C#?


I am new to hangfire. I have a requirement that I need to schedule multiple reports through UI by the client as per their convenient timing.

We have almost 30 clients, and each client has 20-25 reports. Clients have access to the portal and they can configure their report timing by any day/monthly/yearly.

For example, if client A scheduled 5 reports:

report a —> daily @ 10PM
report b —> monthly once on date 02 @ 10AM
report c —> yearly once on date 30/june @ 5PM
report d —> daily @ 12PM
report e —> monthly once on date 02 @ 10AM

In the same way, all clients have the privilege to configure their reports respectively from the UI.

Could you please help me with how to create multiple jobs dynamically from UI using Hangfire?