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Hangfire on Redis needs upgrade for ServiceStack Libraries

Hello - We are testing Hangfire for our jobs. So far we love it ! It is awesome. One thing we are running into is compatibility, we use ServiceStack for other solutions as well. Is there any way that you can upgrade the servicestack libraries to the latest version or remove the constraint on the verion to 4.0.0

Appreciate your help. Thanks again and awesome job on the product!!!

Unlike in ServiceStack v3 which is free, the ServiceStack v4 version has limitations unless you pay for it:

We pay for ServiceStack v4. So now we can’t use HangFire.Redis?

Well the Redis storage engine is a separate assembly and is open source (As is the whole project) so you could make the changes required for Service Stack v4 as a new storage engine (Or anything else for that matter) and then submit a pull request back to the project. I’m assuming they changed the API in v4 of the redis client as they did in the SQL client but if you’ve paid for it I’d expect that you or your team know enough about the new API to be able to port the existing codebase across.

Here is the Redis storage engine project:

I believe the main changes would be in these files: