Hangfire job went into hibernate/sleep mode

I am using Hangfire open in many of my application and it works really well. However, recently I have encountered a problem where recurring jobs on one of my website stopped executing. Unfortunately, this happened during the weekend and we got to know about this on Monday. This website is not being accessed mostly by users as there is one-time configuration and then background jobs keep doing their job on the given schedule. When we access the website on Monday, all jobs started to execute automatically without doing anything. It just required me to his the website URL in the browser.

I can surely say none of the job executed during that period because the function it runs writes logs starting from the first line of code execution and I found no logs there. My website is hosted on Azure and it azure portal shows no issue during that weekend.

This is something we have never experienced before and it’s a bit strange too.

Please revert back if anyone has encountered with such issue or if any solutions is known. I am using Hangfire 1.6.20

Thanks in advance.