Hangfire Continuations issue- Urgently help required

But we have encountered an edge case where the Continuations job seem to be not executed in some ca

Setup ( Hangfire Version 1.7.6) - Running over 8 Servers


            .UseSqlServerStorage(“ConnectionString…..”, new SqlServerStorageOptions


                DisableGlobalLocks = true,


Below is the piece of code we think we have seen issues we create Continuations of jobs based on the list.

We have seen couple issues with the Continuations job.

  1.   In some cases the Continuations job is not being invoked at all.
  2.   While reading the return value of InsertOrderToBroker within UpdateOrderInsertionStatus I receive NULL result.
                 foreach (var investmentInstructionBulkOrder in investmentConfirmedBulkOrders)
                      var confirmCNoteJobId = _backgroundJobClient.Enqueue<IOrderBookingService>(x=>x.InsertOrderToBroker(investmentInstructionBulkOrder));
                      _backgroundJobClient.ContinueJobWith<IOrderBookingService>(confirmCNoteJobId,  x => x.UpdateOrderInsertionStatus(confirmCNoteJobId, investmentInstructionBulkOrder.Order));

    public int? InsertOrderToBroker(InvestmentInstructionBulkOrder investmentOrder)

              var sequenceId = getfromAPI();///
              // We are expecting the return value to be used by the child 
              //step and being retrived by the GetDataFromHangFireStorage method         
             return sequenceId;

public void UpdateOrderInsertionStatus(string confirmCNoteJobId, InvestmentOrder investmentOrder)


            var sequenceId = GetDataFromHangFireStorage<int?>(confirmCNoteJobId);

            // Some cases we receive NULL from the GetDataFromHangFireStorage might be some dirty read happening.

            if (sequenceId.HasValue)





 public  T GetDataFromHangFireStorage<T>(string jobId) 


        var data = default(T);


            var api = JobStorage.Current.GetMonitoringApi();

            var jobDto = api.SucceededJobs(0, int.MaxValue)

                .FirstOrDefault(job => job.Key == jobId).Value;

            if (jobDto?.Result != null)


                data = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<T>(jobDto.Result.ToString());


        return data;