Hangfire Batch continuation not working from console app

When I execute the following code inside a hangfire job, the batch continuation from function1 all the way to function4 executes in sequence as expected. When I execute the same code in a console app, only Function1 executes in hangfire and the remaining three functions are stuck in awaiting status. Why? Is it because the console app ends before the hangfire batch is completely setup?

parentHangfireJobId = BatchJob.StartNew(Sub(x)
x.Enqueue(Sub() Function1()
End Sub, batchJobDescription1)
hangfireJobId = BatchJob.ContinueBatchWith(parentHangfireJobId,
x.Enqueue(Sub() Function2()
End Sub, batchJobDescription2)
hangfireJobId = BatchJob.ContinueBatchWith(hangfireJobId ,
x.Enqueue(Sub() Function3()
End Sub, batchJobDescription3)
hangfireJobId = BatchJob.ContinueBatchWith(hangfireJobId ,
x.Enqueue(Sub() Function4()
End Sub, batchJobDescription4)

Resolved! The hangfire service monitoring the queue for the batch did not call GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.UseBatches(); Now I’m not sure why it worked when executed inside a hangfire job running in the same service that did not UseBatches().

Solved! The jobClient retrieval that I implemented would initialize hangfire with GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.UseBatches(), so when the service was also the client, UseBatches() would execute and it would work as expected. When the console app was the client, UseBatches() would execute in the console app, but the service didn’t do UseBatches(), so that’s why it worked from a hangfire job vs console app.