Hangfire causes application performance issue

I’m using Hangfire in a ASP.NET MVC5 application. Did the configurations as described in the documentation.
Everything works fine, but I can notice that it causes application performance issue. Worth to mention that it’s also blocking Glimps to load correctly.
After inspecting the code, I removed these lines of code under Configuration in OWIN Startup class and application starts to perform correctly, also Glimps loads correctly.

app.UseHangfire(config => { config.UseSqlServerStorage("AppContext"); config.UseServer(); });

What do you mean by application performance issue? Is your application slower and if so, have you profiled why? I’m using it on a WebApi project and haven’t noticed any performance implications.

Yes, it’s causing application to be slower.
I’ve tried to profile using Glimpse, but the problem is that it’s blocking Glimpse also. Once I comment code above, application works normally and I’m able to use Glimpse.

@nirinchev I’ve just tried to use MiniProfiler, but Hangfire also blocking MiniProfiler.

Found the solution :smile:
I’ve configured nlog to save logging files under application bin directory, once I changed directory, application worked normally.