Execute method in service sub object with Hangfire

I want to launch a method in a sub object of a service in background with Hangfire. So this is what I do.

BackgroundJob.Enqueue<IMyService>(myService => myService.SubObject.MyPublicMethodAsync());

But it throw an exception because MyPublicMethodAsync is in SubObjectand not in IMyService because of this validation code in HangFire :

  if (!method.DeclaringType.GetTypeInfo().IsAssignableFrom(type.GetTypeInfo()))
                throw new ArgumentException(
                    $"The type `{method.DeclaringType}` must be derived from the `{type}` type.",

https://github.com/HangfireIO/Hangfire/blob/master/src/Hangfire.Core/Common/Job.cs (line 391)

My current workaround is to do that :

public Task DoWhatIWant()
            return _myService.SubObject.MyPublicMethodAsync();


BackgroundJob.Enqueue(() => DoWhatIWant());

But it’s very ugly so do you know a proper way to do that ?

If you know the type of a sub object, what stops you from enqueing the job for it directly?