Can not change the state to "Enqueue" target method was not found

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I’m using Hangfire with MySQL server. When I schedule a job, it often failed because of this error The type NewsBusiness does not contain a method with signature DeleteNewsPhysical(Int32). Even though the method is contained in that class and after a few try the job run successfully. Does anyone know the reason behind the fail try?

BackgroundJob.Schedule(() => this.DeleteNewsPhysical(id), TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5));
public void DeleteNewsPhysical(int newsId)


Did you find a solution to this yet?
I have a similar issue. I work with dependency injection as documented here:
(maybe this already fixes the problem for you? Or did you try calling a static method instead?)

In my case it throws a TypeLoadExceptions, but only sometimes. Sometimes hangfire works just fine, but other times it fails through all the retries for no reason, or at least none I can find. It get’s especially flaky when I send a lot of calls at the same time (like 50 or more).

Maybe someone else here knows what to do?
This is what my code looks like btw.

The call:

this._backgroundJobClient.Schedule(x => x.RunAction(someId, someDict), Convert.ToDateTime(someDateTimeString));

And the method that’s called:

public void RunAction(Guid someId, Dictionary<string, object> someDict) { //some stuff }

I work with Autofac for dependency injection and the whole project is a windows service.


Thanks for your reply. I solved the problem which is a stupid mistake I made. My local and dev environment is using the same database and the problem is the job try to run in the dev environment which I did not deploy my code yet.


Oh my… yeah we work on this as a team so we have multiple test services running but using the same database. I just turned all but one service off and bam! It works perfectly.
Thanks so much for the reply, I would never have figured out that was to problem!