Disable Recurring Job

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Is there an easy way to disable recurring jobs without deploying them?

Since your question is focused around doing it without deploying, I’m going to assume you have some way to disable after deploying, and I’m also going to assume that perhaps your primary goal may be to have them not execute immediately upon deployment. That may be an incorrect assumption. If so, ignore the first 2 suggestions :slight_smile:

A couple things come to mind with varying difficulties:

Ahead of the actual code deployment, you could deploy an empty shell of your job in order to have something to add to the recurring jobs list, allowing you to have something to disable. Simple, but requires a deployment, but not the ACTUAL code

Or you could give it a schedule of February 31 so it won’t ever run, then once it’s disabled adjust the schedule. Simple, but also requires a deployment.

I suppose you could also write a utility which schedules a recurring job based on local code which will match production code once deployed and then immediately pushes the job off to a disabled set. As long as nothing tries to execute it from the actual HF instance, that might work… Not super complicated on the surface… maybe. Could get dicey if not done right. Doesn’t necessarily require a deployment… unless you can’t access your prod storage from somewhere not production.