Dashboard with MySQL


Once you have the MySQL Connector, is there anything else you need to do to make the dashboard work? I normally use MSSQL but this project needs to be MySQL.

In order to use Hangfire with MySql you will need nuget packages: Hangfire.MySqlStorage and MySql.Data.
You will need to create the DB and then give the corresponding connString to HangFire: GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.UseStorage( new MySqlStorage(…))
When configuring the connString you may need to specify: “Allow User Variables=True”

That 's all. When Hangfire starts it will take care of creating the corresponding table.

Sorry, been away for a while and only just got back to this.

It doesn’t seem to work. I’ve started a bare bones application only imported Hangfire and the Hangfire MySQL packages and I can see hang fire has created the tables in the database fine and I can actually execute jobs etc however navigating to /Hangfire does not bing up the dashboard. I get a 404 message.

		public void Configuration(IAppBuilder app)
		GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.UseStorage(new MySqlStorage("conString"));

This is the exact config I’m using so it should default to the original dashboard url. Any ideas?

I’ve dug a little further it seems that the above example works in Visual Studio for Windows however doesn’t work in Visual Studio for Mac (which would run under Mono). Anyone solved this before?