Dashboard route (/mydashboard) not loading on my interserver account


I implemented Hangfire to schedule a job that runs every 10 minutes.
It’s linked to an SQL Server database, locally, and works like charm, fires and executes every 10 minutes.
Dashboard route is: /mydashboard
When I install my asp.net core 3.1 app on Interserver (low cost provider for asp.net applications). The route to my app is https://tradingbot.zoltanhalasz.net/ the app works, but the route “/mydashboard” gives HTTP ERROR 401.
The database is also on interserver, and it works, as my application displays data from it.

Any suggestion is welcome.

The 401 you are receiving is an unauthorized client status response code. Check out the Configuring Authorization section of the configuration documentation.
By default, only local requests are allowed to access the dashboard. In order to open it up on a remote system you’ll need to roll your own implementation of the IDashboardAuthorizationFilter.

I created a scheduled job for an API I have. It’s working locally, but not on Interserver. This API is a .NET Core 5.0 project. Would you mind sharing if you had to mess with any configuration once you got your project on Interserver, for your Hangfire events to kick off?