Dashboard 403 on second stats petition but not at first one

Hi all!
I’m having 200 ok response on first petition to hangfire stats. It returns the stats. But the second petition returns 403. Then next petition responses 200 ok status but next again 403 and so on.
Any one having the same issue?
I don’t use any authentication just to test:

public class NoAuthFilter : IDashboardAuthorizationFilter
public bool Authorize(DashboardContext context)
return true;

And this is my dashboard config:

app.UseHangfireDashboard($"/dashboard/{tenant.DbName}-Jobs", new DashboardOptions
IsReadOnlyFunc = (DashboardContext context) => true,
Authorization = new IDashboardAuthorizationFilter[]
new NoAuthFilter()
DashboardTitle = “Scheduled Tasks”,
AppPath = $"/dashboard/{tenant.DbName}-Jobs",
StatsPollingInterval = 30000

        }, jobStorage);