Cant login dashboard

Hey all,

I just started using hangfire to schedule my social media postings but I cant access the dashboard. my current authorization filter is like

            new Hangfire.Dashboard.BasicAuthAuthorizationFilter(
                new Hangfire.Dashboard.BasicAuthAuthorizationFilterOptions
                    // Require secure connection for dashboard
                    RequireSsl = false,
                    SslRedirect = false,

                    // Case sensitive login checking
                    LoginCaseSensitive = true,

                    // Users
                    Users = new[]
                        new Hangfire.Dashboard.BasicAuthAuthorizationUser
                            Login = "emre",

                            // Password as plain text
                            PasswordClear = "987541"

And I cant login, what am I doing wrong? It’s an MVC project with OWIN stuff (because im lazy) to authorize my accounts, not to create users or admins.

Hi, can you show us your startup configuration method?