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Concurrency slow down due to locking on SQL Server

Hi -

I have a typical Hangfire + Sql Server setup (using Azure).

I have to crunch through around 160,000 jobs, my default concurrency is ~20 workers, but when all 20 workers are doing their work, pretty much all of hangfire comes down to a crawl.

DB load is very low (we use a P11 instance right now, DTU usage is less than 10%, other queries are just fine). I’ve traced this down to lock contentions.

This query:
SELECT sqltext.TEXT,* FROM sys.dm_exec_requests OUTER APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(sql_handle) AS sqltext where DB_NAME(database_id)='dbname' and blocking_session_id <>0

yields ~6-7 blocked queries, waiting on resource APPLICATION: 6:0:[HangFire:Set:Lock]:(cb774589) – this appears to be a global lock.

I’m about to start digging into this code to figure out what can be done about it, but some pointers would be helpful. It appears that if I have a lot of short-running jobs, with a concurrency level of ~20, the hangfire subsystem overhead drags everything down.

Adding a few seconds delay inside the job seems to stabilize things a bit

Hi! what’s the configuratin for delay a few seconds the job?