Cannot manually trigger recurring job after upgrading to release 1.1.1

We’re using hangfire now for some weeks (replaced to simplify code and have the benefit of a working frontend).

After upgrading hangfire via nuget with release 1.1.1 we have the problem that it is no longer possible to tigger recurring jobs manually.

Pressing the button triggers the spinning button and from this time nothing happens.

Any idea?


Hi @steven_r,

We had a similar problem with our setup (hangfire 1.1.1/ MVC 5), and when I debugged the problem, it turned out that the Post request (created by the manual trigger) was being treated as unauthenticated and redirected to the login page by the mvc application.
You can check if that’s the same issue with your application if you use Firebug or similar tool and check the Net -> XHR tab (ajax requets). When you trigger the job manually you should get a “Post trigger” request recorded in the tab so you can see if it gets redirected to the login page.

Hope this gives you some pointers.