Can you schedule a job in a job filter or job?

I was wondering if you can schedule a job inside an existing job? E.g. if the job determined another job should be run after a later time? What about doing something like this in a job filter? I am wondering what the best approach is? Would it be better to return the new jobs as a result of the job and then use ContinueWith to schedule the new jobs?

You can do this in an elect state filter by modifying the candidate state.

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Hmm, interesting I have to look into this. If I understand you correctly, you are suggesting to use a custom job filter and then let it change the state of the job to Elect so it will be picked up? Just wondering how often this job filter gets triggered

any reason for going for a very complicated sounding solution rather than just doing client.enque(new job) in the job itself?

Personally, I don’t like to add an extra dependency not really related to the job to be executed itself just to let it run on working days.