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[FIXED] Scheduled Job not triggering JobFilter events when moving from Scheduled to Enqueued

EDIT: After pulling in the Hangfire source and some tentative debugging, I realised my Filter wasn’t applied in the context of one of my BackgroundJobProcessors. Whoops! That was enough to fix my issue.

I have a Job scheduled with BackgroundJobClient:

var client = new BackgroundJobClient();          
client.Create<MyBackgroundJob>(j => j.RunMyJob(jobKey), new ScheduledState(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10)));

I also have a custom JobFilterAttribute with the IElectStateFilter interface.

When the Job is initially Scheduled, OnStateElection is successfully called.

When the Job moves to from Scheduled to Enqueued, OnStateElection is not called.

I have also implemented IApplyStateFilter and neither of its methods appear to be called when moving from Scheduled to Enqueued either.

Is this expected behaviour?
Is there another Interface I should be implementing to recieve these events?

Ideally, I would like to use the jobKey argument of my Job to dynamically place it on a specific queue - this works well when my Jobs fail and requeue but not for this scenario which makes me think there may be a legitimate bug here?