Call URL that don't have Hangfire

I’m experimenting with Hangfire to replace our current Schedular system.

I don’t want to build hangfire in to all our old systems but add it when we rebuild/replace them.

Our Schedular system today calls urls and have no connection with other system other than with calling urls. I was thinking of making a separate Windows Service that do the work and a separate Dashboard each system (when they are rebuild I was thinking they would check if the job I need are in the Hangfire db). When we have Hangfire builtin to all our system we can rethink if we need a Windows Service

I have follow this one example
Hangfire with ASP.NET Core - Code Maze (
Evevery thing works except I’m getting “Could not load file or assembly 'HangfireTest.WebApi” I think that’s because I have divided things in JobEngine.WebApi (Hosting the Dashboard), JobEngine.WindowsService (doing the work), HangfireTest.WebApi (Where I I was trying some test…)

Now how do I call an url on a system that don’t have Hangfire? I see that it can be a problem getting all old job/schedule in to Hangfire but that’s a later problem :wink:


Ok… Think I have found what I was looking for…

If using a Windows Server you need to reference all methods the background work need to cal. That’s not a good solution in a micro service solution.

Looks like Hangfire are not what I was looking for. I’ll keep looking…